What you always wished for: members can join and participate themselves in TribiCRM


Self service portal

TribiCRM is designed to be a CRM, a CMS, but also a self service portal. It allows your users to complete tasks that you don't want to have to do manually:

  • Registering as a member
  • Changing their personal data
  • Renewing memberships
  • Registering for events as a non-member or a member
  • Completing donations as a non-member or a member

On top of that you can also use the built-in form tool to create new forms and offer them to your visitors. You can then use the results of these form entries to enrich your database.

Self Service portal with TribiCRM

My Account

Do you still have to change member data yourself! Not anymore with TribiCRM!

Every registered member has his own "My Account" page, where all basic info about that member is presented. Every authenticated user can also directly change their information, which is immediately reflected and updated in the system. 


Best-class tools

TribiCRM offers built-in integration with Mollie and Mailchimp.

Mollie allows visitors and members to make immediate online payments on the website, making management of payments a breeze! Forget CODA files or manually checking payments. With online payments, every payment on the platform is automatically checked and results in immediate result for the visitors.

Mailchimp is a great tool for designing and writing e-mails. TribiCRM offers its own email tool, but it also integrates with MailChimp if you need it to.