In cooperation with Edison, TribiCRM launched a successful platform where we combined a Drupal CMS with a CiviCRM. TribiCRM is your springboard to a powerful contact management platform. It offers a first-class toolbox to manage your website, contacts, events and so much more.

Did you know?

With STE(A)M, Edison Vlaanderen wants to inspire and stimulate young people to choose more for bottleneck professions. Many are already familiar with the STEM concept, but the A in STE(A)M refers to the creative input towards young people. The aim is to create a butterfly effect whereby children become fascinated with the world of engineering and science in a playful, fun way from an early age. Exposing a budding passion that prepares the youth for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Edison project is primarily a grouping of people who look in the same direction and have the same goals in mind. Various partners (including municipalities, companies, social organisations, STEM academies, etc.) offer activities for children and young people in their free time.

A user-friendly platform

Within the framework of their ambition and beliefs, a total project was started with the help of TribiCRM. Our package allowed Edison to launch a beautiful, renewed website. This combined with a handy tool-set that made it easy for them to manage their members, among other things. Our aim was to enable Edison to make as much progress as possible with their new platform.

handen bij elkaar

Thanks to the new website and the innovative member management system, the user-friendliness of the registration procedures for camps and workshops has increased. This also makes it easier for Edison to monitor registrations, follow up members, draw up data analyses and produce reports.

Self-service for your members

They also wanted to offer members the opportunity to create a profile in which they could manage their own data. This way, Edison gets a complete overview of the various profiles within their community, which enables them to fine-tune campaigns to the target group. In addition, the new website also includes an integration with the UCLL Payment Provider, so that all payments can be managed centrally.

Talk to an expert

Our team has broad technical expertise and proactively looks for individual solutions for all customers, large or small. Together, we make the most of your customer relationships and create a website that works for you.

The comprehensive character of TribiCRM implies that the package offered exceeds Edison's current needs, but at the same time it also highlights the growth perspective as an organisation. The wide range of functionalities can thus be tested at the customer's pace for possible implementation in practice at a later date.