TribiCRM is specifically designed for member organisations so that you can easily manage memberships.

The CRM is fully equipped and offers various membership management tools.

With the search function, you can perform powerful searches within the contact database. These searches can then be linked to your e-mails.

You control your membership model completely. It is a matrix of different membership types, each with its own set of roles and permissions.

TribiCRM Mijn Account

Self-service for your members

Through the website, visitors can register as new members, renew memberships and more!

The linked user account between CRM and website allows members to register and enjoy their personal conditions. For example, members can get different conditions for events or membership campaigns.

TribiCRM membership summary

Reporting and monitoring

With the reporting, you get a clear picture of your member's status. This way, you can easily keep track of how your visitors interact with your membership and what the evolution is of your member's activities.

You can do detailed searches and export this data for processing in external reporting.

Online fundraising

Is online fundraising difficult? Not at all, with our platform you do it yourself.