Whether you are promoting a fundraising campaign or your organisation's main income is based on donations, it is all possible with TribiCRM.

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Fast set-up

A donation campaign is easily organised in the CRM. In just a few clicks, you can put together a fundraising campaign that your visitors and members can contribute to. 

You simply do this with your website tools, just like you are used to managing the entire website yourself.

Your campaign page is immediately mobile-friendly and allows donations to be paid online on any device.  This way you can be sure that you are offering a good experience to all your visitors.

Would you like to share the campaign? You can create a nice landing page on the website, but you can also share the campaign on other websites via a fundraising widget, which can be shared on every page.

Safe and online

Visitors and members simply pay online, quickly, easily and safely. You can still authorise bank transfers if you wish.

The CRM takes care of the correct processing of donations and reports neatly, so that you can easily follow up your fundraising campaign.

Monitor and manage

You create an attractive landing page on the website. That's easy. 

But with the powerful CRM, you create lists of contacts that you can address specifically via e-mail campaigns. That way, you communicate clearly to your target audience. 

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The built-in reporting allows you to keep track of the donation campaigns.  This way, you quickly know who has your organisation close to its heart and where it is best to go the extra mile.

You can also do a very detailed search. This way, you can learn a lot from the demographic statistics about the behaviour of your members and individual participants.

E-mails and newsletters

Did we mention already that e-mail campaigns are very efficient to manage?