Keep your members and contacts informed through e-mail campaigns directly from the CRM system.

Administrators have a built-in module to create contact segments and send e-mails to those specific contacts. With the intuitive editor you can easily manage the content of e-mails and send them directly to your contacts. 

You do not have to address all your contacts every time, the CRM allows for targeted campaigns.

A reminder for members who have not yet paid? A thank you to everyone who has made a donation? You're welcome!

Integrated e-mail builder

Via the integrated e-mail builder you can add text to an existing template. You can track everything, from the first draft to tracking statistics on sent emails.

With your favourite e-mail tool

If you use a separate e-mail platform, such as Mailchimp, you can transfer contact segments to the mail platform and send your e-mail campaigns from there.

CRM + E-mails = succes!

The combination of your contact database and an e-mail tool is very powerful.

The advanced search function of TribiCRM allows you to create dynamic segments. These segments can then be linked to a communication list, to which you can send targeted e-mail campaigns. 


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CRM software for organisations

With TribiCRM you can manage all your contacts effortlessly from one central point. Moreover, it is secure and always available online.

An efficient website builder

Designing your website is very easy with TribiCRM, with a choice of different content blocks you can create beautiful pages in just a few minutes.

Member administration

Manage your entire contact database and memberships from within TribiCRM. Enjoy various tools that help you segment and find contacts.

Organise events & meetings

Organising events becomes child's play with TribiCRM. Visitors can register quickly and easily online and pay securely online if necessary.

Online fundraising

With TribiCRM you can easily set up fundraising campaigns. Let people pay securely online, follow up campaigns closely, learn from statistics.

Mailings and newsletters

A digital newsletter or e-mail campaign to keep your contacts informed and easily create contact lists based on your members' data.