Organising an event can be simple and fun...if the internal organisation runs smoothly.

We understand the importance of events to expand your organisation, generate revenue, celebrate special moments or spread knowledge.

TribiCRM event page

Create and monitor events

With TribiCRM, creating and structuring events is child's play.

Moreover, members and visitors can instantly register for your events. If you offer paid events, they can pay online right away.

In the backend, you determine the rules. For example, certain members can get free admission or cheaper tickets.

Event types

Start with your event types

Thanks to the event templates, you can easily create a blueprint of any event. Create a template for training courses, seminars or any other type of event. You define the standard fields and conditions.

When you plan a new event, you save a lot of time by choosing a template, filling it in and you're done!

TribiCRM layout blokjes

Enrich your public event page

Once you have created an Event, you can fill the website page with the content you want.

  • A map with the location?
  • An overview of the speakers?
  • Some documents available?

You do it easily with TribiCRM.

TribiCRM event registration

Register or be registered

Your visitors can immediately register for all events by themselves, if you so wish.

A paying event can be booked and confirmed immediately via online payment.

You determine the maximum capacity yourself and you can work with a waiting list to accommodate latecomers.

Everything happens fully automatically, which saves you a lot of work!

Member management

Registering members, renewing memberships. You would rather automate that, wouldn't you?