With a powerful CRM such as TribiCRM, you can manage your contacts effortlessly. Moreover, it is safe and always available online.

  • Quick or advanced contact search. Modify data or add contacts yourself. Easily create lists of member groups or by specific criteria.
  • Detailed overview of interactions between you and contacts via a contact timeline
  • Contacts can be divided into groups based on criteria or addressed directly via email
  • Keep your contacts clear with automated deduplication
  • Convert contacts easily into members
TribiCRM ContactFiche

Configurable contact sheet

The contact sheet consists of a number of fields by default, of course, a contact sheet can also be expanded and adapted with fields as desired.

These can later be used to divide your contacts into smart groups.

From the contact sheet you can see which relations a contact has with your organisation, follow up payments, manage activities... and more!

Are you still using Excel to manage your contacts and membership data?

Apart from being inconvenient in terms of GDPR, this also creates a lot of extra work. If you work with a good CRM system, your data is centralised. That means all your employees see the same, up-to-date organisational data.


Powerful search function

You can do simple or advanced searches.

Find people in your database using any and all criteria available in the system.

Search not only by contact, but also by events, activity, relations, group status and so on.

Event relaties TribiCRM

Relationships and activities

You have a complete activity stream of all interactions between a specific individual and your organisation.

So you can see what your current relationship is with a person, but also what your relationship has been in the past.

TribiCRM smart groups

Groups and smart groups

Divide your contacts into groups based on a manual selection or on dynamic parameters.

If a contact is modified by means of a workflow, self-service portal or an adjustment by your own administrator, the group automatically adapts as necessary.

For example, you can maintain a smart group of "single twenty-somethings". 

And with a complete website

The CRM is powerful, as is the website. Would you like to know more?