With CiviCRM
you get the best Open Source CRM experience in the world.

Built to manage a membership organisation

CiviCRM has been created for membership organisations. With the backend, it's easy to manage many thousands of contacts. 

With TribiCRM as a fully featured platform, you have a true self-managing platform, which allows visitors to subscribe and donate, and let's members renew their subscriptions and subscribe to events. 

Powertools for contact management

The CRM is full featured and offers lots of tools around contact management. The search function lets you perform powerful searches within your contact database. You can use these searches to create smart searches and link them to your e-mail platform. 


Self-service for your members

Your membership model can be completely managed by administrators. The membership model is a matrix of different membership types, each with its own set of roles and permissions. 

Via the website, visitors and members can register as a new member, renew memberships and more!

Integrated event management

Managing events with TribiCRM is really easy. You can create events with beautiful pages. Moreover, your members and contacts can immediately subscribe to events. If you offer paid events, they can even pay online. In the backend, you set the rules. Members can have free access, or cheaper tickets, for example.

Versatile e-mail solutions

The backend interface has a built-in module to create contact segments and send out emails to those contacts. With a straightforward WYSIWYG editor, you can  manage the content of your email and send it out to your contacts. Within TribiCRM, you can send out up to 500 emails per day, or 10.000 emails per month.

Not enough for you? No problem. TribiCRM ships with a MailChimp connector that mirrors your customer segments to your MailChimp contact list. Then you can use the power of MailChimp to create beautiful marketing campaigns. 

Manage your donation activities

Much like events, it's also easy to raise funds. Whether you're pushing a fundraising campaign, or your organisation's main income rests on donations, you can do it with TribiCRM. Just create a donation in the backend interface and your visitors can contribute via online payments or bank transfer. Every contribution is tracked in the system and you can easily see who, when and how much was contributed.