Building your pages with TribiCRM is really easy.
Let's see how we do that!

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Create content with layout blocks

With an easy to use set of content blocks, you can drop in web content wherever you want, without worrying about technicalities. TribiCRM allows you to not only manage your CRM contacts, events and donations, but to also present them to your visitors on your webpages, all in the same look and feel that you're used to. Creating content as an editor is really easy. 

TribiCRM offers a complete set of building blocks to achieve beautiful pages within minutes. Simply pick a content type to create and combine building blocks. There's a whole set of blocks to choose from. Some blocks allow immediate creation of content, while other blocks are content-containers that are able to show content that is created and managed elsewhere in the system: contacts, events, photo albums and forms. 

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Mobile and desktop ready

You don't need any technical expertise to build pages. Whenever you finish a page you can rest assured: your page will be nice and tidy no matter where!

TribiCRM takes care of it for you. It automatically resizes images, changes layout depending on device. It's a hassle-free authoring experience.

Layout of a page is automatically adapted to the device. TribiCRM pages can be just as nice on a smartphone, tablet or home PC.

Menu items can be managed by CMS managers and are neatly arranged in primary and secundary levels. On mobile, this is all nicely cleaned up within a handy mobile menu.

Build forms the way you want

As a content editor, you have two choices to create form experiences for your visitors: 

  1. Create a CRM item such as events, memberships or donations. TribiCRM does the rest for you, resulting in clear, intuitive subscription forms. It also comes with a newsletter subscription form out of the box. 
  2. TribiCRM leverages the powerful webform builder featured in Drupal 8. It's the best form builder in any Open Source CMS. Create a form, insert some form elements and present them to your visitors. The possibilities are endless!
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